A designer's right hand.

How does fontdatabase work? is a designer's best friend. We have all struggled, at one point or another, with choosing the perfect font for a project. We always have one in mind, but it doesn't end up looking quite right. 100 Google searches and downloads later, we find one.'s aim is to make it way easier to choose and find them. Simply choose the font you have in mind as a base for the search, and the attribute you're looking for, and you're set! You'll find a curated selection of fonts with links to get them. Please keep in mind that attributes such as "more formal than x" or "more informal than y" are bound to be a bit subjective. However, the suggestions were of course curated with design theory in mind, so nothing should be wildly off.

You don't have X font! How?!

fontdatabase is just starting! If you want to leave feedback or make a suggestion, you're more than welcome to. Feel free to use the "contact us" or twitter link below to communicate with us. You can suggest new fonts, new attributes, or whatever you have in mind.

Anything else?

Yes. We believe that if the possibility exists, most tools like this should be free to use. Which is why fontdatabase exists as an ad-free website. If you enjoy using it, and want more cool products to come, please consider supporting us by leaving a tip! Any amount helps cover the costs of the site and future projects, and it also helps us have more time to develop said products. Thank you!